Spring '18  News and Updates
Spring 2018

Spring time, oh how I just love saying those words. Winter time can be so incredibly draining. Especially for someone like myself with Seasonal Affective Disorder. The spring season always gives me hope that new beginnings are on the horizon. Spring time means after being cooped up all winter long inside I can finally go outside and bask in some Vitamin D. I notice that I tend to spend more time socializing during the spring months. Part of that could be the weather is tolerable enough to be outside, and the fact that I don’t have to bundle up with scarves, boots, gloves and things that make me more inclined to stay indoors. Luckily, spring time gives us more daylight and the sun always encourage me to be more on the go. Spring makes many people feel more energized. It can be a great boost for your mental health and can offer hope that you can start over again. No matter where you are at in your recovery knowing that you can start anew is an incredible feeling, all too often we forget to focus on the positives, that is partly why I love the spring time. It’s like having a New Years Resolution that my SAD prevented me from doing and getting the opportunity to start again and rock that resolution. It reminds me that I have seasonal affective disorder, but it does not have me. When you have hope, you surely can reach your goals easier. Hope is the starting point in any recovery. Sometimes all it takes is a small sliver of hope to keep you going and to light that flame deep within. So as the nice weather continues to shine through, remember that you are awesome and that you deserve Recovery!

Speaking of Recovery, Sonia Fehn Foundations Wellness/Advocacy Coordinator recently attended a two day Leadership Training in Columbus, Ohio. Mark your calendars because on April 10th Sonia has a Regional Peer Round Table Discussion planned at Heartland Behavioral Health. For more information on this please contact Sonia at 330-454-2888 or email her at Also, save the date May 10, 2018 is Foundations Wellness Symposium. This event is free of charge and open to all peers that feed into Heartland Behavioral Health. Also if you work at an agency that does feed into Heartland did you know that there is a Facebook page where you can post your upcoming events? Share what’s happening within your organization on the Heartland Region Statewide Advocacy page.

Tiffeny Brown, our Transitional Aged Youth Coordinator has been meeting with our TAY program participants and the TAY participants have been very busy the past few months working on ADULTING- Life skills that sometimes we are just not taught. Such as filling out a job application, how to look for a job, how to create a resume, how to balance a check book, how to keep an apartment clean. Sometimes we take for granted those things, but we must remember that not everyone was taught those skills. I for one am thankful for the work Tiffeny and the TAY participants are doing. I know it’s not easy to learn new skills, but the fact that they are doing so encourages me that you are never to old to learn something new. You can reach Tiffeny by email at

Valerie Greenlief, Agency Supervisor wanted everyone to know that our 6 bed Respite facility is available seven days per week. For weekend referrals the calls must be made by 12 on Friday. A referral is still requested to stay in Respite. The average length of stay is 3 days, meals and snacks are included. If you have any Respite questions please contact Valerie at 330-454-2888 X104 or email her at
Also, Did you know that our Peer Run Warm Line is available 7 days per week 16 hours per day? It is. the number for Foundations Warm Line is 330-455-1234 Please keep in mind any suicidal or homicidal related calls will be transferred to Crisis Intervention Center. However, sometimes people just want to talk, they are lonely, or they need connected to resources. Why not call Warm Line?

Tricia Jones, Foundations Program Coordinator wanted to share the classes and support group participants have been amazing. Tricia stated that for Spring and Summer you will notice an increase in wellness programs. We are excited to be bringing classes like Walk and Talk back to the monthly calendar in May. Tricia stated that she is also beyond excited to be offering The Benefits of Peer Support. We realize recovery is not a one size fits all and we look forward to adding classes and groups that nurture our peers’ body, mind, and spirit. You can reach Tricia by email at or by phone at 330-454-2888

Alliance Update- After a long delay, things are finally getting back on track with the Alliance Location. A new Architect has been hired, we have reviewed floor plans, and have met with a General Contractor. We will update soon when we have more information to update on. Foundations would like to extend a huge Thank You to Jill Machamer at Stark MHAR for her knowledge and help with keeping this project moving. We are thankful beyond words for Jill.

Volunteer Activities and Outings- The volunteers have spoken, and the following is a list of activities that we will be doing this year. April- Movie, May- Annual Symposium, June- Bowling, July- Volunteer BBQ, August- Butterfly House, September-Recovery Luncheon, October- Harvest Party, November- Thanksgiving Luncheon, December- Holiday Party
Upcoming Events-
 April 3rd Dine to Donate at Chipotle on West Tusc. 4-8PM
May 8, 2018 Dine to Donate at Dairy Queen on Hills and Dales 4-8PM
June 1- Foundations First Ever Wild, Wet, and Wacky Fundraiser (During First Friday) Details TBA
June 18- Dine to Donate at Angry BBQ 4-9PM
Also, I did want to mention that all of our email addresses have changed. Below is a list of the new email addresses.
Jessica Ailing –
Valerie Greenlief –
Sonia Fehn –
Tiffeny Brown –
Tricia Jones –
Katherine (Rhett) Spangler
We know how busy everyone gets. We wanted to Thank You for taking the time out of your day to read our newsletter.
Yours in Service,

   Upcoming Important Dates

Agency Celebration Thursday, March 10th @ 10AM

April – Join us on April 3, 2018 at Chipotle (Canton Center) from 4-8pm where Foundations will earn 50% of the profits made.

May – Join us on Tuesday May 8, 5-8pm at Dairy Queen on Hills and Dales Rd where Foundations will receive a percentage of the profits.

June- Join us Friday June 1, 2018 at First Friday where local celebrities will be participating in a wild, wet and wacky fundraiser to help Foundations raise funds.   

Keep an eye out for more upcoming events.

Calendar is always changing, we are open to class suggestions. Feel free to drop a suggestion in the box at front desk.

Agency Celebrations will now be quarterly.

March (Jan, Feb, March)
June (April, May, June)                   
Sept. (July, Aug, Sept.)
Dec. (Oct, Nov, Dec)